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About Us

The idea for Open Pass was born in 2012 but there were quite a few (failed) attempts before it became reality in 2014! Our company is TWG Systems Ltd and we have been building internet applications for 10 years. 6 years ago we started concentrating on the tourism industry and a plan was formed: tourism attractions struggled to sell beyond their immediate area, or from their point of view; “How do I increase my sales channels?”. So our first attempt was to link attractions to purchasers such as hotels and we called the software ‘Visit Concierge’. It turns out that lots of people can’t spell concierge so it rapidly changed to ‘Your Visit’. What we had built was a multiple admissions system from a single sale – and caught the eye of York Pass and so headed into multi attraction passes.


Our software was renamed Open Pass and can now connect and sell any attraction’s tickets through any of our distribution partner as well as grouping them for city passes.


At the core of our belief is that we should be increasing options within the tourism industry. Always in the background are the big booking engines that now control the hotel market. At first these appeared to open up more sales channels but now dominate and have instead restricted a hoteliers options and profit. Our aim is to link attractions to as many buyers as possible  whilst giving our distribution partners such as travel agents the ability to sell local experiences to their customers.


Andrew Twigg, Founder

Why Choose Open Pass?

Within the Open Pass team, we have a wealth of experience in a range of industries including tourism, finance and software development.​ All of which combine to make us leaders in our field and the best placed people to help your business achieve its goals.​

Founder & Director
Andrew Twigg

Founder and Designer. Converting business requirements into Cloud Systems.

Business Development Manager
Daniel Stepney

Lead Account Manager. Connecting Attractions to Vendors to Customer Sales.

Web Systems Developer
Gary Scutter

Web System Developer, from simple HTML through .NET and server side code.

Database Developer
Richie Fraser

Database Developer - building and migrating data. University of Cambridge Maths Graduate.

Software Developer
Edward Garbutt

Junior Web Developer. Primarily front-end (HTML. CSS, JavaScript etc) to .NET (c#)

Carrie Harlington

Keeping Open Pass accounts on track and offering the team financial support.

Open Pass Scotland
Geoff Morrison

Manager of Open Pass Scotland. Includes the Inside Edinburgh Pass, Edinburgh & Beyond Pass, Sterling Pass and Falkirk Pass.

Who we work with

We have experience working with a broad range of businesses in the tourism industry, including DMOs and visitor attractions – as well as national and international travel agents, tour companies and hotel groups.​

From individual ticket sales portals to visitor passes and guided tour allocation, here are some of our partners and who we have helped achieve their objectives.​